Liquid Rhinoplasty

Surgical rhinoplasties have been the norm for altering the appearance of the nose for years.

These days, thanks to dermal fillers, there’s a non-surgical alternative to change the shape of your nose.

Liquid Rhinoplasty

Called a liquid rhinoplasty, it is a quick procedure that is expertly done by Dr. Dimitry Rabkin at Esthetica MD. With years of experience in liquid rhinoplasties, Dr. Rabkin will be able to assess your concerns and leave you with a more balanced and symmetrical appearance.

Liquid rhinoplasty is an amazing alternative for people who want a more symmetrical nose but are afraid to go under the knife. As a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, it can be done quickly and painlessly in-office at Esthetica MD in Englewood with no need for weeks of downtime afterward.

The procedure involves the use of dermal fillers that are injected into certain areas to help reshape the nose. You may be a perfect candidate if:

  • You’ve had a nasal trauma that has affected the shape.
  • The size of your nose is too small for your face.
  • You would like to change the position of the nasal tip.
  • Your nose is not straight.
  • You would like a more symmetrical and balanced nose

Understanding Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

A non-surgical nose job starts with a consultation at our Englewood, NJ office. Dr. Rabkin assesses your concerns and decides which dermal filler is right for you.

Dermal fillers are a safe combination of ingredients that are gel-like in texture. They smooth out any depressions, leaving your nose perfectly symmetrical with your face. Some dermal fillers Dr. Rabkin may recommend include:

A liquid rhinoplasty complements other facial procedures, such as getting under-eye filler  or lip contouring.  in order to achieve a balanced and symmetrical appearance.

Your Non-Surgical Nose Job

Once the appropriate dermal filler has been chosen for you, the area will be numbed with a topical solution. Dr. Rabkin uses an advanced micro cannula technique to place the injectables where they balance your nose symmetry. Using the micro cannula means no injections and no needles. The procedure is quick, painless and your results look completely natural. How much dermal filler you will need depends entirely on which type of nose adjustments are warranted.

You can expect your liquid rhinoplasty to last between six months and a year, depending on the filler you receive. Dr. Rabkin not only is experienced with this procedure, he has studied facial anatomy and has a keen eye for symmetry. With such an experienced cosmetic physician by your side, you can be assured of an attractive outcome.

Taking Care of Your New Nose

Immediately after your liquid rhinoplasty treatment, you may experience a slight redness, swelling and tenderness around your nose. This inconvenience usually disappears within a few hours. Dr. Rabkin will advise you if there are any physical restrictions for you following your procedure, such as going to the gym.

Dr. Rabkin at Esthetica MD is trained and experienced in performing the liquid rhinoplasty procedure. You’re in good hands and you’ll enjoy the spa-like environment of the practice. Schedule your appointment  today and you too can change your look with a new nose.

Esthetica MD offer the most amazing treatments. Staff is professional, unique and unbeatable. Enjoy your visit. Dr. Rabkin made me feel so comfortable at my consultation that I’m not one bit nervous anymore. Very excited for my fillers.

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