Oxygen Facial

Spending your valuable time and resources to get a facial treatment without the benefit of oxygen infusion may be like applying sunscreen over your clothes — you’re using it, but not in the best way.

Improving the circulation and oxygenation in the skin is crucial to battling a multitude of skin concerns including acne, fine lines and wrinkles and dehydration.

oxygen facial for men and women

Whether you want to glow for a special event or want to improve your skin health, consult with the professionals at Esthetica MD on an oxygen facial to help you look and feel your best.

An oxygen facial treatment offers an excellent approach to rehydrating, smoothing and boosting the natural processes of your skin’s own healing properties. Benefits of an oxygen treatment include a boost in collagen production, improved circulation, minimized bacteria and acne, decreased inflammation and hydrated, plump skin.

Oxygen facials fit in well with the overall mission of Esthetica MD: to leave you with the most natural results following safe, effective, painless procedures. Your primary physician at Esthetica MD,  Dr. Dimitry Rabkin, offers these natural results in his medical spa in Englewood, New Jersey.

Oxygen infusion vs. Oxygen Facial

At Esthetica MD we offer a few different options for oxygen therapy including our Beauty by Oxygen treatment and Oxynergy oxygen infusion. Our Beauty by Oxygen treatment creates a carbonation effect that causes a reaction within the skin that stimulates blood flow and oxygenation into the surface of the skin. We take the treatment further by infusing the topical oxygenating treatment that is applied onto the skin one step further with sonophoresis and iontophoresis, better known as ultrasound therapy and electrotherapy. It allows the oxygenating treatment to penetrate the skin on a deeper level, causing a more intense infusion and oxygenating effect.

With treatment options for hydration or pigmentation, you can consult with your esthetician to decide which Beauty by Oxygen therapy is right for you.

Our Oxynergy oxygen therapy is an excellent enhancement to any facial treatment at Esthetica MD. With an array of serums to choose from, your esthetician can customize the oxygen therapy for you that will help improve circulation and oxygenation within your skin. Once a serum is chosen for your skin type or concern, it is loaded into the Oxynergy oxygen device which is then infused into the skin, helping to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, add hydration and even plump and firm the skin. Oxynergy serums are available for purchase after having your oxygen treatment at Esthetica MD.

Benefits of an Oxygen Facial Treatment

The benefits of increasing circulation and oxygenation in the skin can help an array of skin types and skin concerns. Oxygen treatments can lend significant support to your anti-aging regimen as well. Some of the most popular benefits include:

  • Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promoting your skin’s natural healing process
  • Promoting collagen production
  • Plumping, hydrating and firming the skin
  • Reducing blemish-causing bacteria and the appearance of acne scars

Dr. Rabkin may recommend booster serums to take home with you. With Vitamin C, Vitamin A, collagen and antioxidants included, these customizable formulas extend the life of your oxygen facial. Using the most natural formulas available, an oxygen facial treatment firms your skin and provides an option

for acne treatment as well. Discuss this option with your doctor today  to find out if an oxygen infusion facial is the right choice for you.

Esthetica MD offer the most amazing treatments. Staff is professional, unique and unbeatable. Enjoy your visit. Dr. Rabkin made me feel so comfortable at my consultation that I’m not one bit nervous anymore. Very excited for my fillers.

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