Juvedérm was approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a safe, corrective cosmetic product in 2015.

This range of dermal fillers has soared in popularity all over the country for its versatile consistencies and uses.

Juvedérm injectable

When administered properly by a trained physician like Dr. Dimitry Rabkin of Esthetica MD in Englewood, NJ, it can add volume to sunken cheeks, thin lips and the area under your eyes. A Juvederm procedure often takes less than an hour and you may resume your normal routine the same day. Visit Esthetica MD for your Juvederm treatment, it’s just across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

When you’re searching for cosmetic help to augment or repair your lipscheeks  or under your eyes,  visit Esthetica MD in Englewood, NJ, to discover your options. Dr. Dimitry Rabkin has a variety of alternatives available like Juvedérm to meet your anti-aging goals. Juvedérm and its varieties provide a natural, youthful appearance.

Juvedérm relies on hyaluronic acid in varying concentrations. A natural substance found in the human body, hyaluronic acid encourages hydration and adds volume to underlying tissue. It redefines areas that have lost fullness due to aging or environmental damage. At Esthetica MD you won’t have to endure painful injections or needles because Dr. Rabkin uses an advanced micro cannula technique to administer Juvedérm, allowing for beautiful and painless results.

Types of Juvedérm

The type of Juvedérm that works best for you depends on several factors, such as your age, the site to be treated and your cosmetic goals. Each kind of Juvedérm has slightly different amounts of hyaluronic acid and different bonding agents that help it remain soft but stable where it’s applied. Varieties at Esthetica MD include:

  • Juvedérm Ultra XC/Juvedérm Volbella XC.

    These products are primarily used by Dr. Rabkin for lip augmentation and cheek augmentation.

  • Juvedérm Voluma XC.

    Applied just under the skin, this dermal filler delivers a plumper appearance to your cheeks.

  • Juvedérm XC/Juvedérm Vollure XC.

    These Juvedérm fillers combat poor elasticity in your skin and fill in wrinkles  that occur around your nose and mouth.

The Benefits of Juvedérm Injections

While Juvedérm isn’t the answer for everyone and every cosmetic goal, it does offer several benefits that other types of anti-aging treatments don’t. These advantages include:

  • A Juvedérm treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, requiring no incisions or stitches.
  • Most Juvedérm products include a small amount of lidocaine to further reduce any discomfort.
  • Little or no preparation is required other than a consultation, although you may have to temporarily alter some medication dosages and lifestyle choices, like smoking and drinking.
  • Juvedérm requires little or no downtime. You usually can resume your daily activities by the next day with no limits.
  • The subtle and soft consistency of the gel provides more natural-looking results, adding volume to facial features and stimulating your natural collagen production.
  • Juvedérm can be administered at the same time as other skin treatments under the care of the same physician at Esthetica MD.
  • Your Esthetica MD physician monitors the latest research and ensures you receive the highest quality care available in the Manhattan and northeastern NJ area.
  • The procedure is quick, usually requiring only 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Although not covered by insurance, Juvedérm costs are relatively low, especially compared to more invasive anti-aging treatments.
  • The effects from a Juvedérm filler usually last anywhere from six months to two years.

Access to the highest quality skin care treatments and anti-aging techniques provide you with a boost in confidence, allowing you to look and feel your best. Book an appointment today for a consultation to find out if Juvedérm is right for you.

Esthetica MD offer the most amazing treatments. Staff is professional, unique and unbeatable. Enjoy your visit. Dr. Rabkin made me feel so comfortable at my consultation that I’m not one bit nervous anymore. Very excited for my fillers.

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