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Thin-Hair Fixes

a-cure-for-thinning-hairSure, bald can be beautiful—when it happens to Jason Statham. Not always the case when it happens to women. Truth is, female hair loss happens to 40% of women for a variety of reasons, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, including stress, weight loss, menopause, and genetics. And its effects can be devastating, both physically and mentally, signaling serious disease or leading to big-time depression.

Now the good news: there are number of new products and treatments available today that can help you take back control of your precious tresses and prevent and/or repair thinning hair. On the product front, look for shampoos and other hair treatments that contain growth-promoting peptides and/or Minoxidil, which can significantly improve hair health, give you va-va-volume and texture, and prevent future loss. Need a boost for wispy brows or limp lashes? Ask your doctor or dermatologist about Latisse, a prescription topical application specifically that forces hair into the growth phase in those specific areas.

Looking for a more serious hair-loss intervention? Head to your dermatologist for a number of promising new professional-only treatments like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which uses your body’s own plasma cells to regenerate hair from the roots. Collagen induction therapy, which uses a series of micro-needle applications to stimulate new hair growth.

For some, however, surgical transplantation is the only way to achieve a full head of hair. But thanks to new and improved techniques, the results look more natural than ever before.  It’s virtually impossible to tell which hairs are natural and which have been transplanted!

Whichever approach you decide to take, remember that many of these options are contingent upon having hair follicles in order to be effective, so addressing your specific concerns in a timely manner is key. It will take some time—at least two to three growth cycles (60-90 days)—before you can expect to see results from any topical product applications or professional treatments.

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