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Best Foods for Your Skin

Is Your Diet Sacrificing Your Skin?

best foods for your skin

We hear it all the time: you are what you eat. So why is it that the biggest piece of your body’s makeup—your skin—is the last to receive its fair share of nutrients? Deficiencies that can exacerbate the aging process and lead to unhealthy, not to mention unsightly, skin conditions.

But, here’s some food for thought: It’s never too late to make impactful improvements to your complexion—and overall health—with some simple nutritional tweaks. Chew on our reviews of some of today’s most popular dietary trends and decide for yourself if your eating habits are helping—or hurting—your beauty bottom-line.

Vegan/Vegeterian – Forsaking animal products might seem like a great way to cut artery-clogging fat and calories, but it’s also a great way to wreck havoc on your skin. Fact is, many vegetarians end up eating a lot more processed and refined foods, which can lead to skin inflammation and hypersensitivity. In addition, the difficulty in getting the recommended daily amount of protein and Vitamin B-12—two cornerstones of healthy cell production—might make want to rethink giving up meat.

Low-Carb – Backing off bread, rice, and pasta isn’t all bad (especially if they’re made with white flour instead of whole grains), but completely cutting out the carbs can lead to a lack essential vitamins, like Vitamins C and A. Getting your fair share of fiber is also important, since it helps naturally detoxify your skin.

Juicing – Love that liquid life? We do, too, for its detoxifying and toxin-purging powers that leave skin looking supple and refreshed. However, it should only be maintained for a week to 10 days—any longer and you run the risk of depriving your body of essential nutrients.

Paleo-Raw – This is the healthiest and most skin-loving diet choice, in our opinion, because it puts the kibosh on processed foods and includes a wide variety of food choices.

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