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Spa Treatments That Work for Great Skin: Peels

Used to be that the words “chemical peel” could invoke fear in the hearts of even the biggest of beauty buffs. Sure, they worked wonders as a spa treatment when it came to producing a spotless, lineless, flawless complexion, but at what cost? Pain, for starters (thanks to harsh glycolic acids). The horror of watching Samantha Jones get one on that infamous “Sex and the City” episode could scare anyone.

But just as that classic show gets better with time, so too does this classic beauty treatment. Acid formulas have been refined, and so have dermatologists’ approaches to using them. Today’s chemical peels are designed to work synergistically to resurface the skin and encourage cell-turnover, and have become virtually pain-free, thanks to a variety of non-glycolic ingredients, including acids from natural sources like bitter almonds and grapes.

Not only can today’s peels be layered to address specific concerns, but they can also be enhanced with specialty boosters to address a client’s specific skin type, age and skin sensitivity. This allows a spa to achieve the specific goals of each client, with no downtime and no obvious signs of shedding.

To achieve best results, a series of three treatments—scheduled one to two weeks apart—is recommended. For more information on our exclusive chemical peels, or other skin-smoothing services, call Dr. Rabkin at (201) 816-8106 today!

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