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How to Repair Damaged Skin: Does the Secret Lie in DNA Repair Enzymes?

With warmer weather and sunny days right around the corner, it’s time to not only rethink your skincare regimen (repeat after us, “I will use sunscreen!”) but also start to address the damage it’s already encountered over the years.

Enter DNA repair enzymes: those much-talked-about naturally occurring mechanisms inside your cells that work to reverse years of damage from the sun’s powerful UV rays.

But is there actual hope behind the hype? Repairing damaged cellular DNA is something the cosmeceutical industry has been striving for decades to achieve, but to date the only natural-repair mechanisms that have been proven to work are vitamins A and D. The reason? DNA repair enzymes are proteins that cannot easily penetrate through skin.

One repair enzyme, photolyase, has been shown to reduce UVB-radiation-induced DNA damage markers by 45 percent and increase UV protection by 300 percent. So, if you are heading to the beach, consider packing NEOVA’s DNA Total Repair in your tote bag, in case of sunburn.

However if you are looking for a miracle cure for anti-aging, we would recommend you depend on the natural mechanisms of DNA repair afforded by vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, resveratrol, green tea and other antioxidants.  These are tried and true solutions for skin issues that have years of clinical trials and research to back them up.

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