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Three Ways to Enhance Your Lips

three ways to enhance your lipsArmed with photos of Angelina Jolie’s pillowy pucker and Kylie Jenner’s pumped-up pout, beauty buffs of all ages are talking to their dermatologists more than ever about lip augmentation. Fortunately, whether you were born with thin lips or your lips are thinning due to the natural aging process, there are many ways—both temporary and permanent—to enhance them.

Dermal Fillers

For those looking to give their lips a boost but who aren’t ready for a life-long commitment, injectable fillers offer a tempting, temporary solution. Results last for varying lengths of time—anywhere from six to nine months, depending on which filler is used—and follow-up visits will be necessary to maintain your lips’ newfound fullness. Discuss with your physician which filler is best for your desired outcome.

Fat Transfer

Plump up your lips safely and slim down another problem area at the same time? Yup, it’s a possibility! This genius procedure takes your own excess body fat and transfers it to the lip area to increase volume. Not only are the results long-lasting, it’s also a great—and totally safe—way to achieve natural-looking results.


Ready to commit to lush lips for life? Consider PermaLip implants, which can permanently add the perfect amount of fullness and volume. This FDA-approved silicone implant is the latest in lip beautification and has cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists across the country—including those on the daytime television show “The Doctors”—raving.

Unlike commonly used lip plumpers like collagen and Restylane, insertion of the PermaLip implant is a one-time procedure, which means you won’t need costly follow-up procedures. Plus, unlike injectable fillers, PermaLip can’t redistribute into an undesired area of the lip (an ugly and obvious sign of having had ones lips done), which means you won’t end up with that dreaded “trout pout” effect.

And it’s not just doctors who are excited about this beauty breakthrough. Women who’ve had the PermaLip procedure are equally enthusiastic: “I was getting lots of wrinkles around my upper lip, which drove me crazy. I tried many expensive topical products and potions, as well as a laser treatment, but the improvement was marginal, at best. When a friend suggested I talk to my cosmetic surgeon about PermaLip, I decided I had nothing to lose. I love the results—and so does my husband!”

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