Dimitry Rabkin, MD, F.A.C.S. – Full Biography

Dr. Dimitry Rabkin, founder and Medical Director of Esthetica MD, is a skilled and gifted physician who focuses his talents on arresting and reversing the visible signs of facial aging, a process that is commonly known as “anti-aging medicine.”  Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Rabkin was trained in architectural and mechanical design and art. Dr. Dimitry Rabkin brings these skill-sets to his practice in order to provide his patients with the most proportional and symmetrical, natural and naturally-attractive, outcomes from all procedures.


When it comes to aesthetics treatments, experience and judgment are critical factors in success, and this is a hallmark of Dr. Dimitry Rabkin’s practice. As a facial reconstructive and head and neck surgeon, he brings to his patients nearly 15 years of experience with Botox and fillers; nearly a decade before it began to be widely used in cosmetic treatments. This high level of expertise is reflected in his every treatment.


Dr. Dimitry Rabkin’s strong commitment to delivering natural-looking results is a key component to his comprehensive and health-oriented aesthetic medical practice, and sets him apart from many others who provide aesthetic and anti-aging treatments.  For all of his patients, his goal is to help them look younger and completely natural.  In this, he is able to blend his scientific training, medical research and extensive undergraduate training in art, especially sculpture – along with architecture, design, engineering and even mathematics.


The blending of facial plastic and reconstructive training with an architectural and mechanical design background gives Dr. Dimitry Rabkin a keen insight into facial structure below the skin, and his artistic sensibilities ensure that he creates balanced, beautiful and natural-looking results.  Together, these skills enable him to conduct expert facial analysis, including assessments of each patient’s unique facial shape, contour, texture, symmetry, deficiency of proportion and overall attractiveness.


The result of this comprehensive facial analysis that blends medical science, the “engineering of the face’s underlying bone structure and the natural beauty inherent in each face”, allows Dr. Dimitry Rabkin to deliver the optimum, natural and healthy-looking outcome for each patient.  Dr. Rabkin is a recognized master in the subliminal approach to facial rejuvenation, and spares his patients from the “shock” of overly dramatic and unnatural facial cosmetic procedures.  Instead, he prefers small, but additive life-changing improvements for his patients.


Dr. Dimitry Rabkin compares a face to a gift, one in which the underlying facial structure blends with the “wrapping” provided by the skin.  Both the structure (the gift) and the skin (wrapping) must be addressed and improved in any successful aesthetic procedure.  The result must look healthy and natural, and stress facial symmetry, proportion, and above all, balance.
His pioneering work in aesthetic and cosmetic minimally invasive treatments has led him to become one of the early advocates of preventative treatments that arrest the signs of aging before they begin.  This “prophylactic” treatment can significantly delay the appearance of aging.


Another  one of Dr. Dimitry Rabkin’s specialties involves the use of “liquid rhinoplasty” – the recontouring of the nose using fillers, rather than invasive surgery.  Using this innovative and scientifically sound approach, Dr. Rabkin can do amazing things with the nose, even for patients who’ve had failed surgical rhinoplasties and who are still not happy with their appearance.  The results of his liquid rhinoplasty procedures are often life changing.


Another conscious decision that sets Dr. Rabkin apart from other medical practitioners is his conscious choice to avoid inflicting “the latest hype” on his patients before they have proven themselves in hands-on medical practice.  Once a new procedure or device has proved itself to be safe, valuable and useful, he is quick to adopt it.  However, as a matter of principle, he chooses to spare his patients from the vagaries of the latest over-marketed and under-proven trends.


While a life-long innovator, he is also very conservative in his approach to each patient’s medical needs.  Dr. Dimitry Rabkin provides truly effective cosmetic and aesthetic procedures delivered at the very highest state-of-the-art level available.

As part of this conservative approach to patient care, he proudly offers his patients non- or minimally invasive, but completely effective, approaches to meeting their cosmetic and aesthetic needs.   He insists on a very natural approach to facial rejuvenation.  Dr. Rabkin believes that the results of each procedure need to look natural and subtle.


In addition, Dr. Rabkin has a strong personal commitment to charity. A portion of each dollar he earns from patient care is donated to the “Save the Children” fund.  He is a big believer in children’s causes.  Due to this commitment, he has been elected as a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  This stems from his work with reconstruction of traumatic facial injuries in children.  Aware of the blessing provided to  him by living in the greatest country on earth, one with the best medical care available anywhere, he has always believed in “giving back.”


Dr. Dimitry Rabkin’s premedical work was at Brandeis University and postgraduate research at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Rabkin’s medical education has focused around some of the most pre-eminent medical schools and teaching hospitals in America.  He received his MD from the world-famous Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, and then undertook both of his internship and his residency at Albany Medical Center.  Dr. Rabkin’s Fellowship was at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, where he also served as an instructor for residents and students.


In his training, Dr. Dimitry Rabkin focused on facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as on head and neck procedures, with an early concentration in the repair of traumatic facial injuries and deformities. These skills are critical in aesthetic facial reshaping and recontouring.  This is reflected in his cutting-edge published research and his early use of fillers for facial trauma during the early 1990s, a decade or more before it became widely used for aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.


Dr. Dimitry Rabkin is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City.  Dr. Rabkin also travels to national and international conferences several times a year and keeps abreast of all new technologies and techniques.


More than just a gifted practitioner, and a master level injector, Dr. Dimitry Rabkin is Double Board Certified and is a fellow of American College of Surgeons and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.  Over the years Dr. Rabkin has moved from surgical approaches of facial rejuvenation to minimally or non-invasive ones due to amazing advances in aesthetic medicine.  Beyond that, Dr. Rabkin is a skilled and widely recognized medical researcher, one who has made significant and lasting contributions to the advancement of medical science.  For instance, he has published numerous peer-reviewed research studies and articles, and chapters in medical texts.  He has conducted many well-regarded presentations at national conferences, and has received awards for outstanding research, including the prestigious Seymour Cohen Award Dr. Rabkin lectures to students and other physicians and is a consultant to several missions to the U.N.


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