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The Thread Lift Is The New Facelift (Less The Downtime)

PDO Threadlift in Bergen CountyAchieving a youthful appearance is a bit of a tightrope act. Over-the-counter lotions and potions only provide a quick-fix, and the thought of subjecting yourself to a more invasive elective procedure (okay, we’ll say it, a facelift) just seems far too drastic to even consider. Discover a new option for giving yourself and your appearance a long-term lift: a PDO Thread Lift.

This revolutionary non-surgical cosmetic procedure provides a scalpel-free solution to obtaining a smoother, more toned and shapely appearance in an instant, without the risks, cost, and extensive recovery time associated with a traditional facelift.

The concept is fairly simple. Medical-grade, biodegradable threads—the same ones that have been used in surgery for years—are gently inserted in different vectors of the face, where they stimulate production of skin-enhancing collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The results are shapelier, firmer, rejuvenated skin that continues to improve gradually and naturally for as long as 18 months. Minimal adjustments can be added every six months or so to prolong longevity of results even more.

Patients have hailed this treatment for its immediate and discrete results (a PDO Thread Lift can be performed in as little as 30 minutes!), minimal discomfort, and rapid recovery time. Most patients can go right back to their everyday routines immediately following the procedure.

This game-changer isn’t just for sagging brow lines and drooping jowls—it’s also proven highly effective on other common problem areas, including hands, knees, tummies, and buttocks. So, where could you use a lift? Call for a consultation with Dr. Rabkin today to find out if a PDO Thread Lift is the right solution for you.

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