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Bridal and Special Occasions

Whether your special day or a celebration is next week, next month or next year you will want to prepare  yourself.  At Esthetica MD, with focus on face, skin care and makeup, our experts will help you and the special people in your life to achieve a glowing, beautiful look, so you look as radiant as you feel.

Our free consultation includes a detailed skin analysis and a customization of appropriate services and treatments to fit your particular needs, timeline and budget.

Specially formulated facial treatments focus on hydrating and awakening your skin that allow achieving a glowing supple complexion and help keep makeup looking fresh.

Our talented make-up artist can help you achieve the right look, whether it’s the elegant warm weather bride or a sophisticated winter beauty, capturing your true essence with makeup that lasts and enhances a beautiful you.

As to those “quick touch-ups”, at Esthetica MD you can indulge in a little bit of Vitamin B Therapy, (and by that we mean Botox® of course) to produce a smooth brow.  Expert and strategic placement of small volumes of various Dermal Fillers  that are carefully selected for a layering effect like Belotero® and Juvéderm® for example, will produce the most natural result in filling wrinkles and lines, making you looking younger, fresher, more relaxed.

Not to forget the groom, our relaxing gentlemen’s facial addresses challenges of a male skin and helps to condition razor burns, unblock pores, and hydrate skin, as well as shape the eyebrows for a refined appearance.  Other conservative treatments, both non-invasive and minimally invasive can be carefully selected for the lucky fellow.

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