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Skin Treatments Using Venom WORK! Here’s Why

Beauty by Venom

skin-treatments-using-venom-in-bergen-county-njIf you are on the fence about Botox, but want to tip your toes in the anti-aging pool, there are products on the market that minimize collagen break down caused by facial expression. In other words wrinkles and laugh lines. Have you ever heard of snake or bee venom used in anti-aging serums? We have. Here is the scoop.

The big question is the snake or bee venom a replacement to Botox? The answer is NO. If you want to achieve the relaxing and rejuvenating effect that only botulinum toxin type A (Botox, Xeomin or Dysport) can give you, then you should go for it. However, serums containing muscle relaxing ingredients can soften muscle movement and prolong the effect of Botox, as long as you use them consistently.

Essentially, what these wrinkle minimizing products have in common are what’s called neuro transmitter peptides. They limit muscle contraction which in turn can slow down appearance of fine lines associated with facial expression over time with continuous use. The three most well known neuro transmitter peptides are Hexapeptide 8 (mimics viper snake venum), Pentapeptide 18, and Dipeptide. Results can be seen in approximately three weeks of daily topical application at home. Much sooner if combined with professional facial treatments, like microneedling or sono phoresis.

The products we recommend are Environ Focus Frown Serum and Oxynergy Power Infuse FREEZE Serum.

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