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How to Make the Most of Your Moisturizer

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to your beauty routine. If you’re spending a bundle on expensive over-the-counter day creams and night creams and not seeing results, it might be time to check the clock: the effectiveness of the treatments you use—and when you use them—can be as different as, well, night and day.

Day Creams

Think of your morning skincare regimen as the armor to help your skin battle against the onslaught of daytime’s biggest skin offenders, including sunlight, pollution, and stress. That’s why day cream formulas typically contain generous amounts of SPF and anti-oxidants. They also have a lighter consistency, making them easier to apply under makeup.

Night Creams

Nighttime products are specially formulated to repair skin and reduce damage incurred during the day. They tend have a heavier consistency and are packed with ingredients like peptides and growth factors, both of which aid in improving cell turnover. Some may also include wrinkle-reducing retinols, which should only be used at night, as they cause skin to become sensitive to light.

No matter which treatments you use, the key to achieving maximum results is to apply them consistently every day—and night. And remember, there’s never a wrong time to start taking better care of your skin.

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