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PDO Thread Lift

What is PDO Thread Lift?

This procedure, rejuvenates, regenerates and improves the structure of the face. It’s a customisable treatment, and can be used to treat specific areas such as the forehead, crows feet, sagging jowls, double chin or can also be used for a full Non Surgical Facelift, without any incisions,surgery or downtime.

The technique involves specialised soluble threads which are introduced into the skin with a very fine needle, lifting and tightening sagging skin, by inducing collagen production. These threads are then absorbed naturally by our body within 6 months, however, the effects are long lasting at up to two years.

Who is a PDO Thread Lift candidate?

The best candidate for this procedure are men and women, over the age of 30, who are beginning to experience sagging of the mid and lower face, visible jowls and loose skin on the neck. This treatment is not suitable for those who suffer from keloid scarring, or those who are pregnant.

When will I see results?

You will see an immediate improvement following the procedure, with a visible lift in the areas treated. This will significantly improve over a period of 2-6 months, as new collagen grows between the threads, giving further lift and tightening to the skin. The PDO threads gradually dissolve over 6 months, but the resulting lift remains.

Downtime and Counterindications ;

PDO Thread Liftli is an extremely safe procedure, with minor to no complications, some temporary swelling or bruising may occur afterwards however this resolves itself without any intervention over the following week.

How much will it cost?

As every individual is unique the number of threads required will vary from person to person and will also be dependant on the areas that are to be treated. Therefore, we recommend you call our medical assistance on 201 816 8106 to schedule as consultation.