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Tip from Dr. Rabkin

There are some facial rejuvenation wrinkle treatments that are ideal during the summer months. While you may want to postpone some treatments for the fall… Read More.

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“Liquid Rhinoplasty”

A non-surgical augmentation of the nose by using hyaluronic acids based fillers such as Juvederm® and Restylane®, in combination with calcium hydroxyapatate (Radiesse®). The procedure is designed to restore the desired facial symmetry and to make the nasal contour more appealing. While the procedure will not reduce the size or the nose, it can be used to mask the bump, straighten the nose and improve the shape, size and position of the nasal tip. This restores balance and proportion to the entire face. The results are immediate. This procedure is also extremely effective for patients that had previous unsatisfactory surgical rhinoplasty or trauma. The results can, and frequently are, life changing.