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How to Regrow Overplucked Eyebrows

Paging Brooke Shields—thick, full eyebrows are back! From caterpillar-browed cover girls like Cara Delvigne and Kate Upton to bushy-eyed beauties like Natalie Portman and Keira Knightly, big, bold brows have emerged as one of this season’s biggest beauty trends. If years of tweezing, waxing, plucking, and threading have you thinking your arches aren’t up to par to take part, think again. Here’s the skinny on achieving lush, natural brows in (almost) no time.

unnamedPut Down the Tweezers

As tempting as it might be, give your trusty tweezers a break and let your brows grow wild for at least a month or two. It will take approximately four to eight weeks for the hair to grow long enough to where they can be groomed to an optimal shape. If they get too much for you to tame on your own, go to a professional eyebrow stylist, who can help you keep the strays away without overplucking.

Promote New Growth

Exfoliating helps keep hair follicles healthy and promotes growth. Use a soft toothbrush to gently massage your brow area daily. Bonus: it feels great!

Give Your Brows a Boost

Tired of waiting around for your brows to grow in on their own? There are many prescription serums that can speed up the process. We love Rapid Brow Growth Enhancing Serum, which contains powerful peptides that promote hair growth. This is not an overnight solution, though. It can still take five to eight weeks for your full brow to blossom.

Adjust Your Routine

Avoid applying follicle-clogging lotions and eye creams to your brow area. They can slow down hair regrowth, or even prevent them from growing altogether.

Grab a Pencil
While you wait for your thicker, fuller brows to sprout, it’s a good idea to fill in any uneven spots with an eyebrow pencil. Better yet, book an appointment at your salon for a professional eyebrow tinting, which will instantly make them appear fuller.

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