Want to look forever flawless? It’s more possible than ever—to look younger as you age!—thanks to a slew of preventative cosmetic procedures and treatments you’ll find only at your doctor’s office.


As we age, many facial features can begin to appear as if they’re shrinking inward, while noses can begin to look larger, wider, and lose volume in the tip. Injectables like Botox and fillers can help correct these changes and can create the illusion of a smaller nose. If you are looking for a more dramatic measure, sniff out a consultation for a liquid rhinoplasty, which can totally reconstruct your profile.


Sure, many of us slow down the older we get, but that doesn’t mean your eyes have to show it. Blepharoplasty is a procedure that removes excess skin folds on the upper and lower lids, leaving your looking more refreshed and years younger. Suffering from dark circles and/or fine lines? Administered by your physician, Botox can soften wrinkles and filler can effectively mask dark circles and hollows.


Brow areas can droop as we mature, creating a tired appearance. Give them a lift with Botox. A non-surgical brow lift is also an option, if you need significant improvement.


The first signs of aging lips are vertical lines over the upper lip and loss of volume. A selection of fillers can address both concerns, filling in those lines and giving your pucker a plumper, fuller appearance.


Youthful jawlines have a sharp angle and firm, taut skin, both of which diminish as we age. Jumpstart sagging jowl areas with filler and a non-surgical thread lift, which can significantly improve their appearance. Jaw definition can also be improved with the help of a permanent fat-melting injectable like Kybella.