New Treatment for Double Chin

kybella neck shot purchasedFace to Face with Dr. Rabkin

For those eagerly awaiting the news, Kybella, the new non-surgical treatment for excess fat below the chin has been approved by the FDA last week. One area that has been hard to treat without relying on liposuction, is the fullness under the chin, that develops as we get older. Until now.

So what is Kybella?

Kybella treatment is an injectable for the fat deposit under the chin. Kybella is identical to the body chemical deoxycholic acid, which helps absorb and break down fats. It has been eagerly awaited, and it seems to be effective for a fairly wide range of patients. The safety profile is quite good. The most common adverse reactions associated with the injection site are swelling, bruising, mild discomfort and formation of small areas of firmness around the injection sites. The company has not set a price yet and we anticipate availability for our patients in mid-June. The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. The average number of treatments to obtain desired results are four to six, about a month apart. You should be able to notice visible results after 2 to 4 sessions. This treatment is not expected to be repeated for maintenance, once the desired results are achieved.

One thing to note is that with this procedure, as with most cosmetic procedures, it should only be obtained from a trained physician, as if not used correctly, it can break down skin tissue.

Stay tuned for further updates.