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Tip from Dr. Rabkin

There are some facial rejuvenation wrinkle treatments that are ideal during the summer months. While you may want to postpone some treatments for the fall… Read More.

“Dr. Rabkin made me feel so comfortable at my consultation that I’m not one bit nervous anymore. Very excited for my fillers soon.”
- Ariana

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23 Apr

Face to Face with Dr. Rabkin: Everything you always wanted to know about Botox (but were afraid to ask).

Botox®. You’ve seen its ravishing results everywhere from Hollywood red carpets to the pages of your favorite fashion magazines. But it’s not just famous actresses, models, and celebrities who are achieving flawless faces with a little help from this modern-day magic in a bottle—so are women just like you! When it comes to improving your […]


8 Apr

Homemade Green Tea Face Mask Recipe

You can give yourself a nourishing skin treatment that can be whipped together from ingredients in your pantry in 5 minutes. All you need is green tea, sugar and honey. Green tea is one of the popular antioxidant ingredients used on cosmetic products.   Sugar is a great natural exfoliant common in addressing uneven texture,   Honey hydrates and […]


2 Apr

The Busy Moms Guide to Glowing Skin

While most expectant women get to experience the pregnancy glow, we often wonder where it all goes after giving birth.  Hormonal changes and stress are major culprits of problem skin for new moms. Add lack of sleep and fatigue, and the results are dry, pigmented, acne-prone or over-sensitive skin. Not to worry. There are solutions […]